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PAR, a great way to give

As many of you know, First Lutheran Church relies on the generous support of members, friends and guests to meet our financial commitments.

Your donations help fund everything from our outreach programs and works in the community to keeping the lights & heat on. The congregation's generous support helped FLC through a major shortfall last summer. Unfortunately as we started our new fiscal year in September donations hit record lows.

As we enter the Christmas season, we need your generous help and support to reverse this trend. We ask that you consider signing up for Pre-Authorized Remittance or PAR when you donate to FLC.

By signing up with a monthly PAR gift, you will help bring stability and consistency to the FLC Budget while also knowing that your support for FLC will continue throughout the year.

Sign-up forms are in your bulletin and available in the Foyer. See Kelly for more information about PAR.

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