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NEXT EVENT: Friday, February 2nd from 9:30-11a.m.

Every person in this world is always asking, “Am I loved?” and “Am I needed?”

Each of us have something to offer another. FLC is offering women a place and the opportunity to grow relationships, helping one another by be being present, sharing our talents and experiences with others along the way.

Ladies Coffee Connection NEW.png

Prayer. Pray for one another. This transforms

a hang-out time into a spiritual moment and reminds us that prayer can happen anytime and anywhere.

Care. It doesn’t stop at “I’ll pray for you.” Instead, we are encouraged to care for one another in practical ways. Drop-off food, offer childcare, take another out for coffee. 

Share. Women lean on each other for support. A mentor creates a safe place where honest and open sharing can occur.

For more information on our

Ladies Ministry contact Yvonne
or 403.242.4544

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