When you walk into our sanctuary, one of the first things you may notice are all of the tables around the room. To answer your question: yes, the tables do stay up for service (and fill up first!). So, grab a coffee or tea in the foyer, and bring it in with you. Make yourself at home, enjoy the local artwork on the walls, and if you've got kids with you, grab a kids pack and bulletin from the ushers and they can sit and colour at your table as well!


Regarding congregational worship, First Lutheran’s music is as diverse as those who attend, ranging from ancient hymns and familiar choruses to the latest modern worship songs and original compositions. The instrumentation as well can range from a rich acoustic sound (consisting of acoustic guitar, piano, accordion, whistles and percussion…) to high energy electric guitars, drums, bass and synth. We hope that the moments of worship at FLC will help you connect with God and to express your heart in song; putting words to your praises and giving you a good start to your week.

We celebrate Holy Communion twice a month. All believers, regardless of denominational affiliation,  are invited to experience the real presence of Jesus at the Lord’s Supper. We offer a choice of wine or grape juice and gluten free bread.

Piano Player
Yvonne Guitar