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Holy Communion is celebrated twice a month, on the 1st and 3rd Sunday. All are welcome. 

When you walk into our sanctuary, one of the first things you may notice are

all of the tables around the room.

To answer your question: yes, the tables do stay up for service (and fill up first!).

We offer coffee and tea service starting at 10:30 a.m. so please make yourself at home

and know that all are welcome. 

Rejoicing in God’s abundant grace, we at First Lutheran Church extend a special welcome to all in a world that is all too often an unloving and unwelcoming place. We welcome all who are seeking God’s love and grace. We welcome all because God welcomes all, regardless of race or culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or relationship status. We welcome all without regard to addictions, physical or mental health, imprisonment, socio-economic circumstances, politics, or anything that too often divides us. Our unity is in Christ.

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Regarding congregational worship, First Lutheran’s music is as diverse as those who attend, ranging from ancient hymns and familiar choruses to the latest modern worship songs and original compositions. The instrumentation as well can range from a rich acoustic sound (consisting of acoustic guitar, piano, accordion, whistles and percussion…) to high energy electric guitars, drums, bass and synth. We hope that the moments of worship at FLC will help you connect with God and to express your heart in song; putting words to your praises and giving you a good start to your week.

Psst! Every week Yvonne records a sample of what she's rehearsing for Sunday.

Take a listen and follow #FLCMusicMonday to get the latest song!

Piano Player
Yvonne Guitar
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