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Christmas Eve at FLC

'Twas the morning before Candlelight service, and all through the church

Not a creature was stirring, not even the staff;

The sanctuary chairs had been set up with care,

In hopes that parishioners soon would be there,

Pastor Kevin was home nestled snug in his bed,

With worries of candles and hairspray dancing in his head

And Yvonne with her guitar and I with my laptop,

Had just settled in our office to prepare for the service

When down in the foyer there arose such a clatter,

I sprang from my chair to see what was the matter

Down through the gym I flew like a flash

The sun gleamed off fresh fallen snow

When what to my wondering eyes should appear

But ushers and volunteers tramping through

the crisp clean snow

They shook the ice from their coats and stomped

their booted feet

Quick as a flash they sprang to their duties,

Lighting the candles and welcoming guests

As the sanctuary filled to the brim

With smiling worshippers waiting in keen anticipation

Then all of a sudden, breaking through the conversations

Came the strumming of chords and singing of song

As the melody faded away

Up walked Pastor Kevin with a spring in his step

To start our Christmas Service with flair

And slowly to the tune of Silent Night,

The darkness was filled with candles’ light

And as the last echoes faded away

I could hear like a whisper of wind through the trees

Glory to God in the highest heaven,

and on earth peace

And as the congregation left with hope in their hearts

The staff shouted out as one

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

By Jeremy Broadfield,

based on

‘Twas the night before Christmas

by Clement Clarke Moore

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